Friday, February 3, 2012

Golden Orb Weaving Spider

Ok about time to post something... After a week away with the kids visiting family and friends and then coming back and getting Kalyani ready for the new school term and Dhiraj settled in for his first day of family day care, well I am just not as motivated or energised as I would like to be. Anyway here are a few photos taken while we were away.

Umm, yeh we had a few early morning sessions at local parks.  It was one way of keeping the kids occupied from 5am onwards and not disturbing other people who were still sleeping.  I think we still did disturb them!  With such a hot week while we were away it was a lovely time of day to be outdoors.

Ok not a holiday shot.  Instead this one is of one of our resident spiders who happens to have his web in the bushes outside our front door.  It's a golden orb weaving spider so named because of the golden colour of some of the web it spins.  What amazes me about this one is that it has made its web in an open area and so is exposed to the weather.  While many other spiders around the house are seeking relief from the heat, this one seems not to be affected by it.

A chook update:  everyone helped me move mother hen and her much bigger chickens (2 months old now) into the main pen this week.  See this post for photos of when they first hatched.  Surprisingly they all seem to have adjusted well including my older hens with only a few minor peckings to re-establish the social order.  I reckon the chooks actually enjoy being part of a bigger social group rather than a smaller group and for me, it is less work looking after one pen rather than two.  I also enjoy them a lot, seeing them all scratching for food and moving around etc.  In the early evening my treat is to go out, sit and watch them.  I find it calming in comparison to caring for kids all day. :)

Oh if you are interested in a really quick and easy meal using lentils and vegies, called Indian dhal, check out the recipe at The Curried Aussie.

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