Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Free People in Parks Event

Our local city council like other councils in Perth organises free outdoor events during the summer months. Before kids we use to go along to the concert events. Well now with kids we get along to the events which have a petting zoo and face painting. :)  I reckon it is a great idea to get everyone outdoors and having some fun on a lovely summer evening.

So this past Sunday hubby took the two oldest kids down to the local park.  I must say it was a trip squeezed in between finding a shop that did passport photos on a Sunday (when almost everything is CLOSED in Perth) and trying to get them to eat dinner.  They managed a short visit and this is the result.

Check out the face painting.
Miss K's face painted with a beautiful butterfly.
Shaan with a bee, his choice.
"Yeh Trixie I don't like the look of these two kids approaching. "
More animals to pat.
Patting the baby goats,  I mean kids.
Thanks Dad for taking us to People in Parks!

Well then it was just a matter to taking two VERY excited kids home, getting them ready for bed and off to sleep straight away. Oh I didn't mention that they also got to touch a snake right up close. Both of them and that was Shaan's favourite thing for the day, he later told me.

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