Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A blue, banded bee in the vegie garden!

My buy of the week in the post Christmas sales... a 120cm brand new Christmas tree for $3.25.  Much to Miss 5 yr old's disappointment I didn't put up our table top tree this year at Christmas time.  The last few years I got tired of wandering around the house picking up Christmas tree decorations and putting them back on the tree.  Plus I wanted a bigger tree.  So in my only post Christmas very short, try and keep 3 kids happy and together, shopping trip I got this Christmas tree bargain.

My find of the week...  a blue, banded bee.  Apparently the unusual looking white and black bee that's been hanging around my vegie garden is not a rogue bee after all but a native one.   Even better is that this bee is an efficient pollinators of plants such as tomatoes and chilli because it uses a technique called buzz pollination to release more pollen from the anthers.  Yeh more tomatoes for us to eat!  

My love of the week and always...  11 months old and such a darling!

Book of the week... Growing Great Girls by Ian and Mary Grant.  I've only read a few chapters so far but it is such an encouraging read.  Love this quote from a single Mum talking about her attitude to raising her daughters on her own.

"I could model martyrdom and live with bitterness on a daily basis, or I could show my daughters something different.  I decided that I would choose a path for myself, one that would be about learning and growing and becoming all that I could be, and hopefully that would show to my girls an attitude that would set them up for a healthy life."  What an awesome perspective!

Challenge of the week... difficulty standing up straight and being in a lot of pain with my back.  Shuffling, shuffling!  I feel like this ongoing challenge in my life is bringing me to the end of myself and beyond.  There are days I feel I don't have the physical capacity to look after my kids, my home, myself and yet I do...  I am working out that my capacity is indeed stretchable.

Thankful for this week... God's Word!  Oh and a few days of cooler weather.  Summer has been feeling a lot like the winter months.  All of us cooped up inside because its too hot to play outside, getting frazzled with each other.  So lovely to be able to enjoy being outside during the day when the weather is not so stinkin' hot!

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