Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Break

Well this past month has panned out differently to what I expected.  Busy of course, Kalyani finishing up school, having a friend stay for a week, a family wedding and getting ready for Christmas.  The unexpected bit, which should really be expected now, was all of us being unwell for a good part of the month.  Gastro, viruses and a very inflamed, painful back for me.

So a good time to take an extended blogging break.  Hope to back sometime in January with more photos, ideas to share and a boy who could possibly be walking and another who could be toilet trained by then.  Hurrah!

Have a great Christmas and New Year's break everyone! :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

Interval training rocks!

This week I have not been.... getting enough sleep!  How easy it is to fall into bad habits which for me is going to bed too late.  At the moment two of the kids (the youngest two) wake at 5am.  Too early I reckon!  So really I should be adjusting my night time routine and going to bed by at least 9pm.  Hmm... proabably need to think through what activities are keeping me up at that time.

This past week we celebrated... a friend's son's 3rd birthday.  I love seeing how creative parents can be with their children's birthday cakes.  Especially as that area is not my passion or strength.  This birthday cake was based on a Jake the Pirate theme.

This week I tried... interval training.  Apparently varying the intensity of your cardio workout (doesn't that sound flash) burns more fat than exercising at the same pace.  For me that just means I tried varying the pace on the exercise bike from sprinting to slow every 15 seconds over 4 minutes, had a break and then repeated that again.

Appreciated... catching up with some girlfriends.  So refreshes the soul!

Miss 5yr old's creativity!
Picked from the garden... more silverbeet, the last of the coriander and parsley which are going to seed and my first cucumber.  Great taste especially after my cucumbers from previous seasons tasted very bitter.  Apparently that was from not watering consistently.  So I have been conscious about giving them more water this season and we have been fortunate enough to have had  some rain during spring.  The backyard lawn is still looking green.

Watched... 1,2,3 Magic DVD with hubby and we have been making an effort to put the ideas into practice.  Love it when our kids get counted (maybe I shouldn't enjoy that :) ) by both of us- team effort!  The no talk and no emotion rule when disciplining takes some getting use to though.  Counting (up to 3 then an age appropriate time out) is mainly for badgering, acting like a martyr, threatening etc. when I make a decision.  With our free thinker, bossy first child that can happen a lot.   I am starting to feel like I have a bit more control now over what's happening at home.  Since I am someone who likes to be at home a lot with the kids, that is really important to me.  I am not dreading the school holidays as much anymore.

And also watched... Fork over Knives.  An American documentary that examines the claim that most, if not all, of the degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled, or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods.  Well we are not likely to decide to become vegan anytime soon.  But that said, I reckon there is a lot of merit for having a more plant based and whole foods diet.  Choosing whole grains over refined flours and eating more beans and legumes has to be a good idea.  Currently we have about 3 vegetarian meals a week and generally don't eat any meat for breakfast or lunches.  But I would be ok with decreasing the number of non-veg meals even further.  Can't believe hubby suggested we go without meat altogether as a trial for a month though!  But giving up dairy-cheeses, yoghurt, milk and eggs (my all time favourite food) as the documentary suggests, don't think so!

Made some progress on... getting the kids and myself organised on school mornings.  Lol- only two more days of kindy left though.

Thinking about... plans for Christmas and last minute gifts.  Christmas celebrations are very low key in our family.  Christmas day it will be just hubby and I and the kids which I am looking forward to.  We have a few events with family on either side of that.  But still very informal and more about catching up with people than presents or food.  I like that!

Dhiraj is 10 months and... no teeth yet!  But he's started commando crawling (on his tummy) everywhere including under the kitchen table to where the cat food is kept, under our bed where I can't reach him, through the blinds, into the sand pit...