Friday, November 18, 2011

Parents Arise

This week I've been reading... a new book called Parents Arise by Janine Targett.  I found it a very encouraging read.  Full of stories of God working in her family as she taught her children God's word through song.  It's given me some ideas for a few things I might try with my kids in 2012.  One thing she described that I liked was how each year they would go away to their holiday cottage on the coast of Tasmania  (Tasmania is beautiful!) and read and research and plan for new things she wanted to implement in their family that coming year.  That is so me- I love reading and learning and planning.  Just need the scenic Tassie cottage!

Also have been re-reading in brief spurts 1-2-3 Magic Effective Discipline for Children 2-12.  So far it's one of the best discipline strategies I've read about that fits in with my parenting values and beliefs.  I have taken the DVDs out from our local library too with the intention of watching them with hubby.  Not sure if that will happen now.  By the evening I want to do anything but think about parenting and kids.

I am looking forward to...  3 more sleeps!!  We have a broody hen sitting on 12 lovely eggs.  I am totally excited about them hatching and finding out how many chicks there will be and what breed.  We had two different types of eggs put under her.  The one and only time I attempted to breed our own chickens I ended up with one beautiful black Australorp, a rooster of course.  Hopefully will be successful this time!

This week I've been working on routines...  I have been perusing the Fly Lady website very closely this week.  I would see myself as a fairly clean and organised person yet staying on top of things with a 5 person household feels like an impossible task at the moment.  For me that means not getting to the end of the day with toys strewn from one end of the house to the other, dishwasher needing to be unloaded, the sink filled with dirty dishes, dinner still needing to be cooked and 3 loads of washing to be sorted and put away.   Ok I am not there yet but what I have started with is working out a morning routine.  As I have a lot to do in the morning it has been trial and error this week working out what I can get done and what leads to more chaos and rushing around.  So far I have been broken the morning tasks into separate areas like kitchen (10 mins), bedroom (10mins), outside (5 mins), get kids ready (still working on a time for that).  I feel like I am making progress.  There has been a whole lot less to do at the end of the day but I still have a way to go.  Especially, organising the kids to get out the house by a certain time.

This week I've cooked...quick and easy meals. Corn and fish soup, chick pea curry and flat bread, homemade pizzas, family favourite dal and rice, yummy chicken curry and rice.  The last one was to show hubby we do eat meat sometimes and how much more you appreciate it when it's not every night. :)

Sleep... recognising that getting to bed a bit earlier would be helpful.  Still hasn't happened yet!

Exercise....  8 minutes on the exercise bike with a break at 5 minutes to re-settle the baby.  Ok I am very unfit. But any start is a start I reckon!  :)  Can't get over how improved my mood is after doing some exercise.

This week I've started a new project... I got inspired when visiting the local craft store without kids.  With kids I am so focused on getting what I came for and leaving that I don't get to browse.  What was I thinking???  Ok I don't really sew but I bought some cute material to make two nighties for Kalyani and sleep shorts for me.  Check out this online tutorial.

Stumped by... how quickly my desk gets messy.

Successes...  Shaan for the most part is no longer waking up at night and trying to come and sleep in our bed. What a breakthrough!  Though it came after many nights of getting up and putting him back to bed again and again.  Just when he was about to break me, he stopped waking up.  So good!  Now I only get up to Dhiraj about once at night.

Thinking about blogging or not...  I love to write though I am not as keen about disciplined writing and I love to blog.  However I am trying to work out whether blogging is something that enriches my life in this crazy, busy season of parenting  and managing a home with 3 young kids and limited help!  Or whether blogging is something that adds to the chaos and stress.  Probably it's  both.  I am realising though that I have been neglecting some key health issues in my life in spending time and energy on blogging.  Really I need to take a more long term perspective.  But it's hard giving up activities I am interested in for the sake of not being busy all the time.  Will see how it all works out!  

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  1. Have so appreciated reading your post Jane. These are things that I am working through at the moment too. Balance at home, earlier nights, exercise. I have started tackling little jobs, one cupboard at a time, and it is good. I still have a long way too go too. Thanks again for your thoughts here.