Friday, November 25, 2011

Hatching Australorp Chicks!

This past week we enjoyed... hubby having two days off work. Mostly it was spent hanging out at home and getting some jobs done. I wasn't feeling well and so doing an outing with all 3 kids wasn't very appealing. But one thing we did do which hopefully will be a regular summer thing, was pack up dinner (crumbed fish, a couple of salads and bread) and head down to a local park. This one was literally a 2 minute drive from our house. So nice to get out doors, have a picnic and let the kids run around until everyone is tired before going home.

This week I was waiting for... the chickens to hatch. And they did! Six little Australorp chicks with one looking like a Blue Australorp. They are so cute and so little! The mother hen is very protective of them so we are waiting until they are a bit bigger to have holds. The kids have been pretty good at keeping their distance so far. One thing was interesting was after the chicks had hatched there were 4 eggs that hadn't. Even though the mother hen needed to look after the new chicks she was still sitting waiting for the other eggs to hatch. I went in and removed them from her. It made me think about how there was a new season for her- raising the chicks and yet she was still focused on the old season- sitting on the eggs. Hmm!

This week the weather was hot enough for... water play! Even I was tempted to get wet seeing it has been so hot. Dhiraj just loves the water and splashing away. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the days are more like winter days. A lot of time spent inside especially between 10am and 4pm when the UV index is the highest (the chance of getting sun burnt is the greatest). Might have to think of some new activities so we don't all drive each other crazy this summer!

This week I've been re-reading... Beautiful in God's Eyes The Treasures of the Proverbs 31 Woman by Elizabeth George.   Food for my soul and spirit!

Celebrated... several nights of not getting up to any kids. Haven't had so much uninterrupted sleep since before No 2 was born. Annoying that I still feel so tired though!

Keeping... on top of the washing. I have been doing a load a day and it's working well. I haven't had the usual 5 loads of washing waiting to hang, fold and put away.

In the kitchen... ran out of our usual quick and easy breakfast foods, cereal and oats for porridge much to the disappointment of the kids.  So have had to be a little bit creative.  Today we had apple pikelets with banana jam on them.  Yummy!

Encouraged by... listening to the journey of a strong, godly woman who has become the full time carer for her recently disabled husband. Though she didn't go into detail about the hard stuff they have faced during this last year she did talk about how her relationship with God has been her strength. This past year has been a very difficult one for me personally too and so encouraging to be reminded that God is close to us in the midst of difficulty. I also realised that giving thanks in all circumstances is a matter of faith more than anything. Me having faith (declaring and acting on) that God is good and He will come through for me- always!

Confused by... what I am meant to do to increase our family finances in the coming year.  Look for part time work or do something from home?

This week I was surprised with... fresh flowers from hubby.  Appreciated at the end of a long, tiring day with grizzly (usually means they are tired) kids.  Someone appreciates me! :)

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