Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Caversham Wildlife Park

Here are some photos from our holiday at home when we took the kids to a local wildlife park. We only did half the park because of the time we had and also the amount of walking it required. We looked at some South East Australian animals including koalas (they do look very cuddly sitting in the trees eating eucalyptus leaves), kangaroos and then the farm animals. The kids loved the kangaroos and its a great park because there are so many animals they can get up close to.

The flying foxes were very amazing to look at.

Shaan was carrying a big stick around most of the time. Where's it gone?

An emu and kangaroo hanging out together.

There were so many kangaroos to look at and you got to feed them as well.

That's the way to relax!

Shaan patting a very woolly sheep.

Dhiraj having a ride around with Mum.

The trip home though was unforgettable, Dhiraj screaming in the back because he was overtired, Shaan joining in the screaming because he just wanted to add to the noise, crawling in traffic for ages because of an accident and hubby feeling stressed because it meant he would be late for an appointment. Really wanted to be somewhere else right then!

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