Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter is here! and Cooking for a non-Indian Vegetarian.

The rain has finally arrived and we are nearing the end of one WHOLE week of it! Appropriate considering today is officially the first day of winter. So far the kids haven't been going too stir crazy. We have a fairly large verandah which the they can play under and also covers half of their sand pit. The main thing challenging my sanity is getting washing dry and oh Shaan's insatiable need to play with water in any form- puddles, drains etc. Still I am thankful for the rain especially as our city's dams and main water supply are very low. In that respect I hope its a wet winter.

I also had the privilege this past week of having one of my closest friends come and stay. It was really encouraging to have some practical help as well as someone at home to natter to. Hubby reckoned that helped him too! I am finding out more lately that the I am not up to coping with the demands of three young kids and all the other stressors life throws my way, all on my own. I need help! How good it is to have people who know me well and care about me to do just that. Consequently, meaning I have got up the courage to ask for help- not my strong point.

Another aspect of having someone stay with us for the week was that I got to cook for a fair dinkum vegetarian (and she's not even Indian). Though she doesn't like anything spicy. Or as comedian Russell Peters would say, is not into "food with flavour!".

So the vegetarian menu I planned for the week included:

* Spinach and ricotta pasta (My first time making it. The adults liked it but the kids thought the texture and taste of the spinach was awful.)
* Tofu stir fry (A regular family meal.)
* Pumpkin soup and warm crusty bread. (Yum!)
* Couldn't help doing at least one Indian inspired meal. Dhal, rajma (both with no chilli) and rice. The meat eaters had chicken curry as well.
* An impromptu vegie and egg stir fry with Lebanese bread.

I enjoyed the opportunity to eat less meat and am trying to continue that with future meals.

And leave you with this article I read on MomLife Today; Motherhood: A Small Life? Could really relate!

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