Saturday, June 18, 2011

Am I a Hippy @ Heart?

Since the winter weather is finally here I have been wearing my hair down a lot instead of up in a ponytail which is my default position for my hairstyle in summer. Wearing it out keeps my head warmer though I then have to think about how to keep my hair out of my face. What I do is pull it all back with a headband. Recently I got a few new, funky, hand made headbands online.

One of the ones I like to wear is this hand stitched one I got from Hippy @ Heart even if hubby makes fun of me for looking like a hippy. I love the creativity that has gone into making it and also they are very reasonably priced. It almost makes me feel like getting into long, flowing skirts and giving up wearing jeans... almost!

Oh and because hubby has been teasing me about my hippiness I suggested that I should do a post on the head gear he wears during winter. Look forward to that!

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