Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Quick & Easy Dinner Recipe

We are having my version of this recipe for dinner tonight. I am facing another health challenge at the moment. Even though I am currently seeing a physio for my back I re-injured it on the weekend. Mother's Day actually. So I can only be on my feet for short periods of time before I need to lie down. It has been tricky trying to explain that to the kids. By the end of the day I'm bent over like my Grandma use to be. Well so my husband says!

So I have needed to find very quick and easy meals to cook that don't require a lot of time on my feet. This one looked suitable.

Penne with Beans
I used about a cup of kidney beans I had pre-cooked, 3 tomatoes I diced, diced onion, crushed fresh garlic, handful of thyme from the garden, salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Fry onion and garlic. Add tomatoes and beans. It took about 10 minutes to cook down. Cook penne. Mix with sauce. Top with grated cheese.

Too easy! Only hope the family likes it. They are not always that fond of beans.

Update: Typically the kids picked out all the beans and tomato and just ate the pasta. No seconds for them! Amazingly hubby gave it his approval and said he would eat it again. Must have been all the cheese that I mixed through.

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