Monday, May 23, 2011

A Picnic at Home

After a really stressful week it was lovely to do something a bit different as a family. We were going to go to a park and have a picnic. But as we are now carless (Our car was damaged in a car accident this past week. Thankfully no one was hurt!) it got too complicated with what park and how we were going to get there. Instead we decided to enjoy the lovely, warm autumn sun in our own backyard.

Our backyard gets the least attention of any part of our home. Neither of us are avid gardeners. So its great that our mandarin tree has actually produced some fruit. Even more amazing is that the kids haven't picked it prematurely.

Family time!

Shaan jumping on something he isn't meant to. He is really starting to assert his independence lately with wanting to do things himself or get into things he's not meant to. Almost two and it is such a cute but trying age.


  1. Funny, our mandarin tree which is a little smaller, had four unripe mandarines on it, up until yesterday when we found two had been picked and thrown on the verge. Half the crop gone in one go! Our best guess is that the culprit was a child or two, since the tree is in the front yard.

  2. Unluckily about losing the fruit. We did have a few more on our tree last year but I think they dropped off at some point.

  3. So to hear about the accident Jane, just thankful that you are all OK and are still able to enjoy a lovely picnic in your lovely backyard. Hope you get your car back real soon, and are mobile once again.
    Must admit we don't seem to have too many mandarins on our tree this year either, but our passionfruit vine is loaded, so much so that the weight of it is pulling the tree it is wrapped around down. Hope you have a good week.