Friday, April 1, 2011

Moving from a cot to a bed

We spent all day Saturday moving furniture around to set up a bed for Shaan to use and the cot for Dhiraj. Yep at 8 weeks Dhiraj was getting too big for the bassinet and the great thing is since he's been in the cot he's only been waking once between 10pm and 6am for a fed. Big improvement! Hopefully it will continue.

But since Shaan is only 20 1/2 months we were unsure (actually mainly me) about whether to leave him in the cot longer and get a second cot. Kalyani was about 2 1/2 years when we moved her to a bed and the great thing was that she had no idea she could get out of it and so she stayed in it. No chance of that with Shaan since he has been sharing a room with his sister since he was 16 months he knew all about getting on and off a bed. That was actually one of the reasons to make the move so he get down himself in the morning and Mum and Dad could stay in their bed a bit longer. Anyway we decided to go with the bed and except for a bit of excitement and mucking around the first couple of nights he's been sleeping great.

However what did surprise me about seeing Shaan sleeping in his own bed for the first time was how emotional I felt. More so than seeing my daughter start kindy for the first time. It was like I could see our house with two teenage boys living in it and all that goes with that. Arrh- I am so not ready for teenager boys yet! I had to remind myself Shaan is still a toddler, we have a long way to go. My boy is growing up!

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