Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Two in Cloth Nappies

I used cloth one size fits all nappies for both my first (Mother Ease) and second (Happy Heinys) babies on a full time basis. But because No 3 was an unexpected surprise it meant there would only be a 18 month gap between second and third and consequently I would have two in nappies. So when I was pregnant I had to decide whether I wanted to have two in cloth nappies. I know, all that washing!

Crazy me decided to go ahead and do it anyway. Yes it is a lot more washing. On the upside I love that I don't have to think about fitting the cost of disposable nappies into our budget each week and cloth are so cute. I did use disposables for the first two weeks after Dhiraj was born and it did get to me the waste in resources. One use and it then sits in landfill for 200 years. That's crazy!

Now I have gotten use to the routine of having both boys in cloth. Shaan is even using them this year at the family day care he goes to one day a week which is great. Not sure how I will go getting them dry come winter though.

Going with cloth nappies also meant I got to buy a new set of OSFA nappies for Dhiraj as the other nappies were being used. This time I decided to go with a new Aussie designed nappy Monk N Bear.

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