Friday, March 25, 2011

This Past Week

OK its been a hard week. I have been getting by on far too little sleep and consequently feel like I pushing myself all the time to get through the day. Some days that's from the moment I wake up. I have also been in a lot of pain with my back and also struggling emotionally. Hard to tell whether its because of lack of sleep or something else. So in the midst of "I don't like my life at times" I found these pics taken during the week and they do make me smile!

Cardboard box fun! :)

My daughter holding her flowers, actually weeds collected from our unkempt garden. Love her choice of footwear. :)

Shaan doesn't have a lot to say yet but he does still get stubborn about a few things. One of those is eating plums whole including the seed (sometimes it gets spit out) instead of cut up as Mum would prefer. Here's the result. Love those cute eyes! :)

Another food shot. Really he's not going poomph at Mum's sushi rolls instead he was making noises with his sister. :)

This one looks like he is hoeing into the food. He's actually using it as a means of getting all the tomato sauce off his plate. :)

Our gorgeous 8 week old baby. When I'm not too tired to engage with him he makes me smile a lot. :)

On one of the days when I felt so lousy from the moment I woke up until the end of the day I saw these in the shops. It actually helped me look forward to something- birthdays! And mine is only two weeks away...

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