Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My life at 5 1/2 weeks

Well this is what my life looks like now. Everywhere I am, our baby boy Dhiraj is. Sleeping next to me while I scrapbook. Actually at times he does sleep in his own room especially in the evenings. But at the moment he can be unsettled during the day with getting to sleep and staying asleep for very long. Thankfully he doesn't wake at night except for feeds and goes straight back to sleep.

My life is:
* Full of interruptions which the book I'm reading on organising says is a big time waster. Maybe sometimes its a good thing to waste time especially on your kids.
* A few too many late nights including staying up to watch American Idol. Then too many early mornings. Feeling exhausted pretty much all the time.
* Too much thinking and then feeling terrible that I not coping with more at the moment. Eg parenting, relationships, remembering things.
* Feeling brain fog.
* Receiving encouragement and support through my girlfriends.
* Experiencing God's grace through my husband. Appreciate those cups of tea in the morning when they happen.
* Trying out a new discipline strategy with my daughter to address the tears and whinging we get over decisions we make that she doesn't like.
* Enjoying the big smiles I get from Dhiraj.
* Washing, washing and more washing!

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