Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Lastest Op Shop Find

I love going op shopping! The fact that its an activity that is generally inexpensive (helps me keep to our budget), is about recycling 20th century clutter and is fun to find a few treasures amongst a lot "I can't believe this isn't in the bin" stuff makes it something I can do fairly regularly. At the moment its also one of the ways I get some time to myself and are able to switch off from looking after young kids.

Well on my last outing I found those gorgeous retro dinner plates. A set of 8 Crown Lyn Forma Meri Meri Kiwi designed and made stoneware. Really I just liked the picture and the colour and thought I could use them for our first Passover dinner I am planning for our family to celebrate in a few weeks. Didn't realise they are actually worth something!

On reflection I also like them because they are a reminder of something I feel God is saying to me at the moment. That, I am unique! Finding them was a once off, that there was 8 of them was also unique. The fact that I like them and bought them is unique! In this season of life when it is busy, tiring, full on with repetitive tasks that make me feel like I'm not really achieving anything its a reminder I need.

So I want to say appreciate your uniqueness, what you like, the way you do things. You are wonderfully made!

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