Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do I cry or laugh?

In my line of work it pays to have a sense of humour. Like this morning for example. I had set up all the things I needed to give Dhiraj a bath. I had prepared the water, got out the shampoo and flannel to have a go at the cradle cap he has at the moment, had his clothes and nappy ready. He was quietly waiting in his chair for me to bathe him. Then I heard a very loud scream from Shaan. I went out into the kitchen to find he had gotten his chair and climbed up to grab one of the eggs I had just collected from the chook pen to cook for dinner. There was yellow, fresh egg all over the floor and on him too. Of course he was crying because the egg had broken. I decided to take him to the bathroom too and put him in the bath to clean up. Dhiraj is still waiting for his bath. I whip off Shaan's clothes including his nappy to discover that he has actually done a poo. I am trying to get him not to move so I can clean his bottom. Instead he starts getting upset and moving away from me, of course, leaving droplets of poo on the bathroom floor in the process. By now Dhiraj is crying, Shaan is crying, I have egg to clean up, poo to clean up and 2 kids to bath and dress. Ok I decided to laugh about the comedy of how much could go wrong. After all it was all fairly easily resolved.

Oh and the good thing is I still got to use the one egg remaining on the bench to cook dinner. I had some feta to use which I don't normally cook with. So I made a feta, bacon and pumpkin frittata. Only thing is on tasting there's probably a bit much feta in it in proportion to the other ingredients. Could have done with a few more eggs in it (I used 3) and pumpkin. Still I enjoyed cooking it. My cooking has been very average of late because mostly I have needed to do really easy meals and I have also have been too tired to put much thought and love (as Carla from Top Chef would say) into it.

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  1. We all have days like that don't we? Way to go keeping your sense of humor about! Sometimes I laugh and unfortunately sometimes I cry, but laughter certainly smooths things out easier.