Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A newborn, a toddler AND a school run.

Yep our first born started kindy this year and it happened to conincide with the birth of our third. Well within a week of each other. So the first school run (we've chosen to send her to a Christian school about a 10 minute drive from our house) I had to do was when Dhiraj was 2 weeks old. Boy was it stressful! I got overwhelmed with trying to get everything done before I took Kalyani and her two brothers to school. Like hanging out two loads of washing, unpacking and packing the dishwasher, getting three kids fed (including BF a newborn), cleaned up and dressed, two nappies to change there. Then also saying goodbye to hubby on his way to work, making a school lunch and packing Kalyani's school bag. All this on 4 hours of sleep! Ok no wonder I was a very grumpy Mum and wife that morning! And forgot some of things I needed to send Kalyani to school with.

The second time I did the school run a week later (we had a couple of absences due to illness and Mum being adverse to rushing around) I lowered my expectations. This time I aimed at getting the kids fed and dressed and doing the prep for school. All the cleaning up could be done when I got home. It was a lot less stressful!

A week later again and I actually managed to do some of both. It helped that we have been starting the day around 6am (Dhiraj's first feed for the day) so I have plenty of time. Also I'm still trying to fit less jobs in before the time we need to go. Hopefully we are getting into some kind of routine that involves a more peaceful, calm Mum!

Monday, February 14, 2011

I think I might start blogging again...

Ok it has been a while since I have posted anything here. There have been a few changes in our lives since then. Like I haven't gone back into the paid work force yet and instead I got pregnant with No 3. Yep missed out on paid maternity leave through not having a big enough gap between babies. However we welcomed a gorgeous baby boy, Dhiraj into our family on the 27th Jan this year. Still waiting for life to settle down...

Anyway I have decided to start scrapbooking again. I stopped about half way through the pregnancy because I was so tired and keeping up with two kids and looking after our home was about as much as I could manage. So I have been going through hundreds of photos (and that's just from the last few weeks- the joys of having a new camera) choosing some to print and then hopefully scrap. Kalyani has really enjoyed showing off her baby photos to all the visitors we have had recently. I did an album of her first 12 months. Shaan has a couple of pages done for his and then I'd like to do one for Dhiraj as well. See how I go!

Oh and happy Valentines Day to those who celebrate it! It feels like all our time and attention has been directed solely towards our kids lately. Our marriage has been a bit neglected. So it was good tonight to enjoy a candle lit dinner after the kids were in bed. Yummy lasagne and cake Hit had brought home for me. Bring on the romance!