Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One year old today!

We celebrated Shaan's 1st birthday this morning with pancakes and chocolate cake. He loved the cake! Feels like a huge milestone not just for him but also for us.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Budget Challenges!

Read this great new book "Living with Less So Your Family Has More" by Jill Savage recently. Lots of great ideas and encouragement for living on one income as we are at the moment. So I should have it all together... But the truth is I don't. I have spent more than our budget allows on so many things this month. So instead of saving we have ended up using our savings. So not the way I want things to be. But hopefully I am learning from my mistakes and next month will be an improvement.

The latest Simple Savings newsletter was an encouragement that saving is possible! A couple of ideas I liked was how to cut electricity costs and earning money from having short term guests stay on www.crashpadder.com. Though the funny thing is they are not that practical for us at the moment especially the second idea.

Well here's to a new, more frugal budget month!