Monday, June 21, 2010

Bokashi buckets and beeswax candles.

Just looking online and drooling over one of these at todae- a bokashi bucket. A what you say? Its an indoor composting system and apparently its odourless, low maintenance and produces a highly nutrient rich liquid fertiliser. Something to do with the fermentation process. I like the sound of it because I could chuck in a lot of organic matter such as meat scraps, citrus and tissues which at the moment don't go to the chooks. Will just have to go on the wish list though...

Have also been looking at and purchasing some beeswax candles. Someone said somewhere (so don't quote me) that there are a lot of nasties in the candles most people burn at home. So hoping to get something better! Love using candles occasionally at meal times, or when I'm writing in my journal, the very occasional long bath time. Lovely to unwind in the evening to the flickering light of a candle.

Oh yeh. Do you like the colour change? I wonder if it will help me post more often?

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  1. Hi Jane,
    I enjoyed reading your blog and, as a maker of pure Australian Beeswax Candles ( wanted to confirm what you had heard. There are a lot of nasties in the candles most people burn at home – the majority of these contain paraffin (a petro-chemical). They also contain other toxins such as synthetic colours and fragrances and hardeners and those made in China etc contain wicks with a lead or metal core.. When buying beeswax candles ensure that they are pure beeswax and contain a cotton wick (not all candles are pure beeswax, some are a mix of paraffin or other waxes and beeswax). A pure beeswax candle with the right sized wick (believe me, finding the right sized wick is like rocket science) will burn for up to ten times longer than a paraffin candle. I could sing the praises of beeswax candles for hours, but won’t ;-) feel free to contact me if you would like me to enlighten you of the benefits further.

    I also used a Bokashi Bucket at my old workplace. They are fantastic! They won’t smell unless the lid isn’t pressed on properly. The ‘juice’ that is created is brilliant on your plants. Check your local council, they may offer them at a discounted rate.

    Suz E Bee Candles