Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Haircut Saves $

I finally got around to giving Kalyani a haircut this past week. It had gotten longer and was looking very wild. But I had been putting it off for a while for two reasons. I don't usually enjoy cutting her hair. "Stop moving, sit back down- again, Kalyani only one side of your hair is cut you can't get up now... stop moving your head!" The second reason being that I was concerned about her looking like she had a home haircut. So I was actually thinking about taking her to a hairdresser and paying for it.

However this time I decided to cut her hair in the lounge room and put on Dora for her to watch. Thanks for the suggestion Holly! Dora rocks! She didn't move a muscle the whole time. And if I do say so myself it looks pretty good. Maybe there's a hairdresser in me after all!

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