Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waiting on God!

Sitting here at the computer and the house is quiet. Arrh... love the absence of noise and chatter and crashes and crying and grunts (that's Shaan's preferred noise). Shaan is in his cot asleep and Kalyani is back at family daycare after a 3 week break. She's only going one day a week but she's been hanging out to go for the last week. It was a relief to be able to say YES, YOU CAN GO TODAY!!!!! And I've got home made rolls cooking in the oven and did I say already the house is quiet...

Well I was thinking of writing in here that I'd be taking a break from blogging because I'm not too sure what the purpose of it is for me at the moment. I have had a lot of "what am I doing" questions lately from everything to going back to work, involvement in the community to activites at home. Some of it is because we are in a new year and there's a compulsion to re-examine our lives at the beginning of a new year. And the way I'm wired I also like to know a great deal about what I am going to be doing for the rest of the year. This year I just don't know. 2009 was focused around the arrival of Shaan- preparing for that, adjusting to having a new baby etc. However 2010 and beyond ????

I've tried stressing about it, figuring it out, praying and more praying, brainstorming options, getting opinions from people and I still don't know what career outside of home life I am meant to pursue and the timing of that. Even when there seem like there are several good options I can't decide. So at the moment I'm deciding to not decide anything. I know sometimes we are meant to move forward even though we feel uncertain but I feel like this is a time to wait and continue doing the things I'm already doing. When I think about all the things I fit into 24 hours when will I find time for paid work? Also I want to have a word from God about what I'm to do.

I have been reading 1 Samuel this past week and the contrast between David and Saul. How Saul was more conncerned with what people thought of him rather than God. So there were times when he acted presumptiously rather than wait for God's instructions and God's timing. Here's praying that I'll be able to wait and do so without an anxious heart.

Oh I got given some photos of Kalyani from daycare. Some of them might be at least 12 months old. Shows how much she has grown!

So not sure about my blogging yet...

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