Tuesday, February 9, 2010

7 Month Update

This gorgeous boy is almost 7 months old. Wow- time flies! Can't believe it has been that long since he became part of our family and boy, do all of us enjoy having him here. He is such a delight (even though he still wakes up for a feed or two at night). He loves eating and will scream the house down if we don't get the stuff into him quick enough. He's crawling proficiently now which means the cat food, bins etc all need to be moved out of his reach. The other thing is he has started being shy with people other than us. Well at least for the first 10 minutes.

7 months also means over half way through my maternity leave. I am not sure yet what I'll be doing at the end of it. I've actually enjoyed being at home more than I thought I would and so I'm not sure if I want to go back to working 3 days a week. Still praying and thinking about what I'll do and when.

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