Friday, January 15, 2010

Save 6

Hmm- I think the above post title has something to do with a water corp initiative to encourage residential houselolds to save water. In particular 6 x 10L buckets of water each day. It doesn't sound like a lot but actually in practice it is a bit of effort to save that amount of water.

Things I have been attempting to do are:
* have shorter showers. Ie 3-4 minutes
* fill up the bath for the kids with a lot less water in it
* recycle the kids bath water onto the garden. At the moment it is bucketing it out and so that depends on how my back is feeling.
* make sure taps are turned off properly and are not dripping. Relevant to an older house like ours.
* putting a bowl in the sink to collect water that gets run for things like washing vegetables or waiting for the hot water to come through. Only stuck with that idea for a couple of days though.
* and probably our best improvement so far has been replacing the cistern on the toilet with a dual flush. I reckon we have gone from using over 10L a flush to 3L.

So hopefully its making a difference. The best way I'll be able to gauge it is by our next few water bills. We have been using on average about 535L a day. Though watering over the vegie garden and the new plants I've put in will definately affect our total this summer.

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