Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year!

Yes we are back from holidays down south and we had a great time. Very restful despite not getting a lot of sleep at night with Shaan. The location was gorgeous and the weather much cooler than Perth. So here's some of my favourite photos from our time away.

I took some scrapbooking with me and was surprised that I actually got 3 layouts finished. I really liked this one.

Loved having dinner out by the water out the back of where we stayed.

Dad and Kalyani kakaying at Rest Point. Sight seeing at Mandalay Beach which was the location of a ship wreck in the late 1800's. From the look of the coastline you can understand why.

Kalyani made it down to the beach. We visited Dinosaur World on our last day. These gorgeous birds were having time out. The red-tailed black cockatoo is actually a threatened species in the south-west. Can't believe it because I grew up seeing these fly overhead whenever we were bushwalking.

Don't let it eat you Hit? There was also an Australian reptile section. But all of us were too chicken or not interested when it came to having a hold of the carpet python and even drapping it over ourselves.Kalyani got to pat and feed the kangaroos.

Having a twirl of her new umbrella.

And last but not least I'll with you a pic of the smiley Shaan.

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