Friday, December 4, 2009

It's good to be home!

This boy is growing so much. Finally caught up on all his 4 month immunisation and checks even though he's almost 5 months old now. He's rolling over and over and can move to where he wants to be now. He's also putting everything he can reach in his mouth.

Kalyani unwrapping some of the stainless steel items I brought back from India with me. So exciting to have new kitchen stuff and be able to get rid of some on my plastic stuff. Wish I had got more actually.

One of the best things about being home is catching up with friends and family. Shaan got to play with his cousin Zek. Well more like they rolled into each other, sucked on each other's arms etc.

I came back to a very overgrown vegie garden. I've now staked the cucumbers (the plants in front), removed a lot of the grass coming through (so much for no-dig!) and planted some capisicum seedlings. Skipped the seeds this time as the ones I was growing from seed have all died.

Wednesday Kalyani had to go to the doctors- twice! Yep she cut the back of her head open on some bathroom tiles while at a friend's house and the re-opened it when she got home. The bandage was our request because we wanted to make sure it didn't come open again.

Oh and back to routine tasks like washing clothes and folding. Found this little fella on one of the socks this morning. Oh its good to be home!

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