Friday, December 11, 2009

Getting into the Rhythm!

Now that could refer to the dancing my darling daughter has been doing lately. Hmm difficult to count the number of dresses we went through this morning in getting her dressed because they wouldn't let her twirl properly in them. But I was actually thinking more about how this week has gone. After packing, going on holidays and all the chaos of unpacking after we got back I finally feel like we have had a better rhythm this week. The housework and washing and cooking has gotten done without it feeling like its consuming all my time. I have had the energy and time to play with Kalyani and cuddle Shaan. Though saying that I usually conk out by the afternoon and have very little energy left for playing.

Mainly because Shaan is still waking up several times a night for a feed and then waking up in the morning by 6am. So now that I've tried most things (routine, self settling, no dummy, more bedding etc) I am going to try weaning him off the 4am feed. Hopefully before we go on holidays too! Two weeks until we head down South over the Christmas break. Looking forward to it! Oh yeh better start thinking about packing- again!

Love a chubby baby!
Off to find some adventure!

Some of the first cucumbers I have harvested from our vegie garden. At the moment I have had to give up on finish removing all the grass that is coming through and re-planting because my back decided the weeding didn't agree with it. So I'm back to the physio! That's been a challenge the last couple of weeks- having the motivation to get back into my exercises and modifying my activities again! Probably carrying around an 8kg baby doesn't help either. Yeh for healthy babies!

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