Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back in the Pool

We got to go swimming this past weekend for the first time this summer. How lovely to get cool on some really hot days! We also got to catch up with extened family which is great too. Here Kalyani is having a cuddle with my cousins' daughter Holly.

Nanna and Shaan
My Aunty Anne and her granddaughter Holly- 16 months old.

Nanna and Pa with the grandsons Shaan and Zek. Love Zek's expression. He doesn't seem too impressed with having his photo taken.

Hatching Update: 3 live black chicks, 3 dead chicks, 2 eggs that didn't hatch and 4 eggs that I have no idea what happened to. I was abit disappointed with how few chicks I got from a dozen eggs and there's a few things I would do differently next time. Separate the broody hens from each other and from the laying hens who were laying in the same spot. Hence I also had 9 extra eggs I buried because I wasn't sure if they would be safe to eat. But the three little ones are very cute and here's hoping they don't out to be all roosters. :)

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