Friday, November 27, 2009

India Trip Part 1

In the second week we did a day trip to Bannerghatta National Park which was not far out of Bangalore. We got to see these animals on a safari tour.

I know - a really bad pic but it sort of shows the view you get from the bus we were travelling in through the park. Hit got some much clearer photos because he was asked to sit up the front with the driver. I sat further back with Shaan asleep on my lap the whole time and Kalyani got shown the animals by two college students sitting behind us.


Himalayan Bears

We saw lions as well as the great tigers. So cool to see them in a more natural environment.

A white tiger!

These monkeys are worse than seagulls. They pull everything out of the bins and try and scab food off you. Way too friendly! There was also a few other animals in enclosures. So we got to check out some cobra snakes, jaguars and pigeons.

Looking at animals is tiring. Shaan having another sleep on Dad.

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