Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few things on my mind!

We went down to Mandurah on the weekend to celebrate my gorgeous friend Dawn's birthday. A very happy birthday Dawn! This little fella crashed in on the party- literally. He flew straight into the sliding glass door and was very dazed for 10 minutes or more before recovering and flying off.

Only 4 days until we fly to India and I am not panicking yet! :) Actually more struggling to be motivated to do much at all as I am feeling very tired. That boy has been getting me up a lot at night lately. So hopefully will be organised and all packed by Saturday.

Leave you with a photo of my two new chooks (the black one is a bit hard to see) who have been roosting on our bottlebrush tree at night. They fly up onto the shed to get on it and then back into the chook pen the next day. The funny thing is that the tree is completely out of the chook pen and so far they haven't gone into the backyard.

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