Monday, November 30, 2009

India Trip Part 2

Each afternoon we would head over to the park next to the apartment building Hit's Mum lives in. After being indoors all day Kalyani was to free to run amuck with her cousin, Aditi (who's 7 years old).

Nothing better than a sleeping baby!

In the second week Shaan started rolling from his back to his tummy and now all he wants to do is move.
The challenge of getting a "sensible" photo of everyone. See Aditi knows how to pose correctly Kalyani!
Oh no not another silly pic! Shaan having a cuddle with his Dadi on the last day.

Friday, November 27, 2009

India Trip Part 1

In the second week we did a day trip to Bannerghatta National Park which was not far out of Bangalore. We got to see these animals on a safari tour.

I know - a really bad pic but it sort of shows the view you get from the bus we were travelling in through the park. Hit got some much clearer photos because he was asked to sit up the front with the driver. I sat further back with Shaan asleep on my lap the whole time and Kalyani got shown the animals by two college students sitting behind us.


Himalayan Bears

We saw lions as well as the great tigers. So cool to see them in a more natural environment.

A white tiger!

These monkeys are worse than seagulls. They pull everything out of the bins and try and scab food off you. Way too friendly! There was also a few other animals in enclosures. So we got to check out some cobra snakes, jaguars and pigeons.

Looking at animals is tiring. Shaan having another sleep on Dad.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Getting Community Minded

I am procrastinating. Yep I am sitting here at the computer reading blogs and posting in the midst of an untidy house, our plates from dinner still on the table and feeling like I should be finishing the packing. Only a day till we leave for India. What is with me tonight???????

I've been thinking about other things besides holidays! Like using more vegies in our meals, my goal for this summer, and doing it in a way that my meat loving husband would not find offensive.

And ways to save water... I saw an add in our local paper today for a Save6 initiative which means every household in WA trying to use 6 buckets of water (or 60L) less a day. We are not a huge water consuming family but still I would like to put in place some ideas about how we can use less water each day. I think Kalyani would love the "have a bath every second day" idea if I encouraged it.

Got this package today from two ladies who came to the door. I thought initially they were Jehovah Witnesses. Also thought about not answering the door. Instead it was two people from our local city council who were looking for someone to adopt the local bus stand. Apparently getting local residents to paint out graffiti on bus stands as they occur actually reduces the incidents of graffiti. Since a lot of our neighbours would have physical difficulty with the painting I volunteered for the job. Something for Kalyani, Shaan and I to do when we get back from holidays. I am sure she will love painting public property!

Love this face that greeted me at the back door this week. "Mum, Mum I've got a flower for you." Weeds as flowers!

I made the effort to get out of the house on Wed after two days straight at home. I am blaming the lack of motivation to do anything on being so tired lately. So we headed out to a local park early in the morning to beat the heat. I was surprised to see Kalyani having a go on some of the play equipment she wasn't able to play on last summer. This girl is growing up.

Hit's yummy chicken and capsicum dish with Asian flavours that he cooked for our weekly cooking date night. After reading the Date Night Cookbook by Meredith Phillips Hit and I have started having a once a week at home date night. Definately an advantage when you find it hard to get babysitters like we do. So we cook a meal together- Hit normally does the main and I get dessert and then watch a movie. Its great having something outside of our daily routine to look forward to each week. Hopefully its also good for our marriage! :) This week everything worked- the food was really good and so was the movie, Management.

Ok I'm off to finish tidying up the house, doing those dishes, having a bath, going to bed-hopefully! Be back in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A few things on my mind!

We went down to Mandurah on the weekend to celebrate my gorgeous friend Dawn's birthday. A very happy birthday Dawn! This little fella crashed in on the party- literally. He flew straight into the sliding glass door and was very dazed for 10 minutes or more before recovering and flying off.

Only 4 days until we fly to India and I am not panicking yet! :) Actually more struggling to be motivated to do much at all as I am feeling very tired. That boy has been getting me up a lot at night lately. So hopefully will be organised and all packed by Saturday.

Leave you with a photo of my two new chooks (the black one is a bit hard to see) who have been roosting on our bottlebrush tree at night. They fly up onto the shed to get on it and then back into the chook pen the next day. The funny thing is that the tree is completely out of the chook pen and so far they haven't gone into the backyard.