Thursday, October 15, 2009

This past week...

This is what I did with all those tomatoes - made a yummy pasta sauce. Onion, garlic, bacon and dried basil.

Yeh finally finished my 2008 album with this layout. During the year I had taken self-portrait photos of Kalyani and I. I love seeing how much she has grown during that time. So now I have 4 pages left in even older albums and then onto 2009. Time to print more photos!

Another jumping pic. All of us are enjoying the new trampoline and Hit and I even have a go most days. Though my jumping time is a lot more brief than Kalyani's.

I harvested my garlic this week. My first time at growing any. Can't wait to cook with it in a few weeks when it has dried out abit more. Should be a huge improvement over the imported and heavily sprayed garlic we buy here. The slug and snail were found living at the bottom of the pot I grew the garlic in. Free Loaders!

We celebrated my brother's 30th birthday on the weekend. Congratulations Graham! And so got to spend time with extended family.

Shaan and his cousin Zekaryah who's 4 weeks younger. Boy are those two going to get up to mischief in the years to come! :)

My Pop with his great grandson.

And holding another great grandson. He's up to 8 great grandkids with the 9th on the way.

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