Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spring in October

Finally got around to finishing off another layer of my "no-dig" vegie garden yesterday. Since I took this photo I pulled all the lush looking broad beans out to make way for capisicum and tomato plants still to go in. But did plant some lettuce seedlings and beetroot seeds. Sourced from the Diggers Club they are heirloom varities so should be interesting what comes up.

Shaan did brilliantly by lying on the verandah mostly checking out what his sister was doing while I was in the garden.

Kalyani showed initiative and grabbed my pot of seeds to plant. Only thing was they were all the winter seeds so back in the cupboard they went. She is starting to refuse to have her photo taken (thank goodness there is always Shaan to photograph) but she decided to pose instead for the camera. So I was allowed to take her photo.

Yep- this is actually our back lawn. Check out the bee on the centre flower. Apparently its time to clear away anything on your property that would be a fire hazard in the summer months. Hmm does lots of long grass count?

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