Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Day!

How thankful I am for today. I was planning to get along to the shops and post office to submit our applications for visas for India today. But we got a phone call at 7.15am to say our trampoline (in boxes) would be dropped off in the morning. Hurrah! So Kalyani and I had a quiet morning at home playing playdough, weeding (that was my effort), doing puzzles, chatting, scrapbooking etc while Shaan had a huge, long sleep. I think I actually needed to switch off from all the planning and organising for our trip to India. It has been consuming so much of my time and thoughts that I was starting to get very stressed out by it all. So today I focused on other things.

In the afternoon we went and got two new chooks (the black and white ones) at the point of lay. Something I had been thinking of doing for a while but on the spur of the moment decided to do it today.

Kalyani jumping on the new trampoline. Oh yep wait we have to assemble it first Kalyani!

This beautiful boy was 12 weeks old on Monday. He is such a delight. He loves engaging with us and smiling and laughing heaps. We reckon his blue eyes might be here to stay. Kalyani's eyes were grey when she was born and then turned brown. How great that I ended up marrying an Indian who has recessive gene for eye colour somewhere in there. :)

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  1. Excellent photos. He is certainly growing and looking mature. Pop