Wednesday, October 28, 2009

9 Years Today

Hit and I are out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 9th wedding aniversary. Can't believe its been that long! And may there be many more years to come...

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sticking with the dummy...

for now! After my last post Shaan had two nights of much improved sleep and I got to catch up on missed sleep abit during the day. So I have decided to stick with the dummy at least until after our holiday. Less than 2 weeks to go- arrh! What do I mean- yeeeeeeeeh!

I have been feeling a bit isolated lately at home which is funny considering only 2 weeks ago I was sharing with a friend how I am loving being at home and not missing work at all. Well since then (Shaan has been sick with a cold) I haven't found it as fullfilling or satisfying and there are days when I feel like I am going crazy. Give me an adult to talk to or something challenging to use my brain on. Ok I have been missing work a little bit. So praying about this and searching out some answers of how to enjoy my time at home more. I do notice that when my needs aren't being met I struggle more to be patient and gracious with my kids. So hopefully will have some wisdom soon. :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

To Dummy or not to Dummy?

Hurrah all our passports are back with the correct visas in them. Wow- only 2 1/2 weeks until we leave. Shaan is getting over the cold that he's had and so we've been able to venture out of the house for the first time in about week yesterday. So good to spend time with friends! But I haven't been getting much sleep- was up with Kalyani between 12am and 3am and then Shaan's turn until 6am. Arrh- more sleep please! So I am thinking about getting rid of Shaan's dummy because the number of times I am getting up at night to plug it back in so he goes back to sleep is getting ridiculous. Only thing is it might be an advantage to still be able to use to settle him when we are in India. Not sure what to do!

Check out my little model. Got these things in the mail this week that I ordered from - stainless steel drink bottles and these really cute shopping bags that are meant to attach to your keyring so you always have one on you. So the plastic drink bottles have gone in the recycling bin and I'm now thinking about what other plastic items I want to replace with stainless steel. So much stuff for kids is plastic!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More tomatoes!

Well after finishing off the bowl of tomatoes I was given I found this box on our doorstep. Thanks Aunty Ju! They ended up as this...

and then these bottles of tomato puree. Yep my first attempt at bottling. I guess I'll know if I have been successful or not in a couple of months. Hopefully I've sterilised everything thoroughly and the mould will stay away.

This girl decided she wanted to use the umbrella today. No rain though just heaps of sunshine.

Finally a shot of both Kalyani and Shaan on the trampoline together because Dad was on there to supervise. Hit finished off the netting and put up the basket ring that came with it. Yeh all finished now!

Friday, October 16, 2009

More to the story...

Having one of those "I'm too tired to do much at all" days! I had physio yesterday and so normally I'm sore for a day or two afterwards and since my back has only been very slowly improving I thought it would be a good idea to not do any weeding, housework etc. So instead I've been shopping online for stainless steel drink bottles to replace our cheap not very good for you plastic ones. :) Heaps more fun!

Here's some more pics I forgot to include on my last post. I wanted a photo of both Kalyani and Shaan on the tramp but she bounces around too much when he's on there. So just ended with a photo of Kalyani by herself.

And Kalyani and Shaan together- love how she's holding him!

That's better!
We collected two eggs this morning (the ones in front) laid by one of our new chooks. Since we have only had them a week she's certainly earning her keep. :)

Five things I am thankful for:
1) We got given a car seat for Kalyani that will be difficult for her to get out of herself. That's a huge praise point!
2) Our new chook starting to lay.
3) Times of rest and times of business.
4) Meeting with other Mums at MOPS this week.
5) My husband and what a great Dad he is!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

This past week...

This is what I did with all those tomatoes - made a yummy pasta sauce. Onion, garlic, bacon and dried basil.

Yeh finally finished my 2008 album with this layout. During the year I had taken self-portrait photos of Kalyani and I. I love seeing how much she has grown during that time. So now I have 4 pages left in even older albums and then onto 2009. Time to print more photos!

Another jumping pic. All of us are enjoying the new trampoline and Hit and I even have a go most days. Though my jumping time is a lot more brief than Kalyani's.

I harvested my garlic this week. My first time at growing any. Can't wait to cook with it in a few weeks when it has dried out abit more. Should be a huge improvement over the imported and heavily sprayed garlic we buy here. The slug and snail were found living at the bottom of the pot I grew the garlic in. Free Loaders!

We celebrated my brother's 30th birthday on the weekend. Congratulations Graham! And so got to spend time with extended family.

Shaan and his cousin Zekaryah who's 4 weeks younger. Boy are those two going to get up to mischief in the years to come! :)

My Pop with his great grandson.

And holding another great grandson. He's up to 8 great grandkids with the 9th on the way.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomato Sauce Recipes

Anyone got a great tomato sauce recipe? I got given these yesterday with more coming and so have been inspired to cook them all up. I have been saving up jars in the cupboard for such an occasion. So just have to find the right recipe... back to google!

Friday, October 9, 2009

A helicopter pad in the backyard.

Three days to get the trampoline put together but Kalyani finally got a jump on it this morning.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A New Day!

How thankful I am for today. I was planning to get along to the shops and post office to submit our applications for visas for India today. But we got a phone call at 7.15am to say our trampoline (in boxes) would be dropped off in the morning. Hurrah! So Kalyani and I had a quiet morning at home playing playdough, weeding (that was my effort), doing puzzles, chatting, scrapbooking etc while Shaan had a huge, long sleep. I think I actually needed to switch off from all the planning and organising for our trip to India. It has been consuming so much of my time and thoughts that I was starting to get very stressed out by it all. So today I focused on other things.

In the afternoon we went and got two new chooks (the black and white ones) at the point of lay. Something I had been thinking of doing for a while but on the spur of the moment decided to do it today.

Kalyani jumping on the new trampoline. Oh yep wait we have to assemble it first Kalyani!

This beautiful boy was 12 weeks old on Monday. He is such a delight. He loves engaging with us and smiling and laughing heaps. We reckon his blue eyes might be here to stay. Kalyani's eyes were grey when she was born and then turned brown. How great that I ended up marrying an Indian who has recessive gene for eye colour somewhere in there. :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Spring in October

Finally got around to finishing off another layer of my "no-dig" vegie garden yesterday. Since I took this photo I pulled all the lush looking broad beans out to make way for capisicum and tomato plants still to go in. But did plant some lettuce seedlings and beetroot seeds. Sourced from the Diggers Club they are heirloom varities so should be interesting what comes up.

Shaan did brilliantly by lying on the verandah mostly checking out what his sister was doing while I was in the garden.

Kalyani showed initiative and grabbed my pot of seeds to plant. Only thing was they were all the winter seeds so back in the cupboard they went. She is starting to refuse to have her photo taken (thank goodness there is always Shaan to photograph) but she decided to pose instead for the camera. So I was allowed to take her photo.

Yep- this is actually our back lawn. Check out the bee on the centre flower. Apparently its time to clear away anything on your property that would be a fire hazard in the summer months. Hmm does lots of long grass count?