Sunday, September 20, 2009

No sick leave! And not much sleep either.

I am very thankful that I have gotten sick on the weekend because it means Hit is at home. Kalyani has been quite sick and waking a lot during the night but she's on the mend now. Though she still sounds really hoarse and now Hit's come down with it. Shaan is the healthiest of us all. He had a few nights where he was conjested but that was it. Here's praying that he doesn't pick up anything else off us.

So because I have been sick this weekend I haven't been able to work on my no-dig vegie garden. Have everything there ready to go- bales of straw (Love that we live close to a semi-rural part of Perth. There are quite a few stock feed places only 5 minutes away.), compost mix, seeds, grass clippings, blood and bone and several buckets of who knows what (hopefully there's stuff in there the garden will like) off the bottom of the chooks pen. I was going to chop up and add the broad bean plants in that are already growing. But they are saved from destruction at the last hour because they finally have some broad beans on them. So hopefully I'll be able to completing the vegie garden during the week and that the rain would clear.

Where is Spring? I am still hanging out washing undercover as there have been no fine days to get it all dry. :) That's how I judge the seasons, depending on what I do with my washing!

Dad got this beautiful girl all dressed up yesterday including specially styling her hair with his hair products. He's much better with details like that than I am. The reason was that we needed to get her passport photos re-done. I need to organise passports for Shaan and Kalyani for when we travel to India. Hard to believe there's less than 7 weeks to we go.

And this little guy is 10 weeks old tomorrow. Love how he sleeps with his arms sticking up. He is starting to get interested in dangling toys, can put his hands in his mouth, gets bored with lying in his seat and wants to be at our level a lot more. He is still not sleeping great at night. Kalyani naturally progressed from sleep 4, 5 to 6, 7, 8 hours at night. He is still waking every 4 hours or less. What's with that? Hopefully we will move him from his bassinette to the cot today and maybe that will help.

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