Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homemade Crackers

Didn't realise crackers were so quick and easy to make and they taste great. Praise God for google! :) And it saved me a trip to the shops. Definately will make them again. I used white bakers flour and sea salt for the flavouring. But I would love to try a wholemeal version and also add garlic or rosemary etc.

Do you like the rolling pin and cutter I used to make the crackers? Nabbed it from Kalyani.

I have the lovely aroma of hyderbad spiced beef curry coming from the kitchen today. That's my freezer meal for this week. I used the pressure cooker so it was cooked in 14, no 12 minutes. Had to turn it off early because Shaan woke for a feed. :) S far I have been cooking a lot of meat dishes. Would welcome any suggestions for vegetarian mains that are great to freeze.

Kalyani playing with a play dough set she got given for her birthday.

Trying to get a good photo of these two gorgeous guys.

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