Friday, September 11, 2009

$50 Plasma TV?

Hmm- getting a wide screen tv for that price? No chance! I have been putting a DVD on for Kalyani for about 1/2 hour most mornings as way of keeping her occupied while I finish my tea in peace, get dressed, tidy up etc. But I have exhausted our small supply of suitable DVDs for her to watch. Since we don't own a tv at all watching a tv show is not an option. Last week I used up our download limit showing her youtube clips of playschool. So that's not a long term solution. There's the local library but they don't have a lot to borrow and the toy library doesn't do DVDS. Consequently Hit and I had a discussion about what options she had for watching stuff. Hit's suggestion was to buy a $2000 tv. I suggested I could simply get a $1 weekly DVD from the video store and well over a year that would only cost us $52. So this last week I borrowed Maisy the mouse DVD. I think I will stick with that idea for the meanwhile and keep the savings.

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