Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where is it Mum?

I bought a trampoline via Ebay today! So exciting and its a large 14ft one. After bidding on quite a few I finally bid successfully which means I won one within our budget. It feels like an accomplishment! I was telling Kalyani that she would be getting a trampoline in a couple of weeks after delivery and she's like where is it Mum? I bought it at a shop on the computer. So the trampoline is in the computer?? Hard to explain!

A beautiful moment this afternoon when Kalyani was eating dinner. She decided to eat at her little table and had Shaan in his rocker next to her. Throughout the whole meal she was holding onto his hand and he was looking up at her. Gorgeous!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a crazy, busy long weekend...

What a crazy, busy long weekend but a lot of fun catching up with family and friends. After a week or more of sickness we are all almost over it.

So Friday Kalyani, Shaan and I spent the morning at AWQA with Aunty Julie. Thanks Aunty Julie for taking us! It reminded me how amazing our world is and the diversity of creatures that make it up. Definately could have spent longer looking at everything. Loved the touch pool- sting rays, fish and starfish. Walking underneath sharks was awesome. Kalyani was scared of them until she started to realise they couldn't get to her through the glass. Shaan was even awake to have a look at them though I think he was more interested in the light coming through the water.

We also headed down to Jarrahdale on the weekend to meet up with some good friends from down South. Jarrahdale has lots of walk trails and places to picnic as the lady at the information centre told me in great detail. That was a blessing especially as the place we intended to picnic at was closed to car access. So we spent the afternoon at Langford Park playing soccer and frisbee, eating, bush walking, playing on play equipment, more eating...

and throwing stones into the lake...

checking out the wild life...

enjoying the beauty of the bush...

and cooking and more eating!!

Then yesterday we got to enjoy my SIL yummy cooking and hang out with family. Thanks Hazel for making such a great lunch for all of us! That meant that Kalyani got to run amoke with her cousins and Shaan basically got cuddled for the whole time he was awake.

My freezer meal for this past week was good old bolanaise sauce. Very quick and easy to make! I like to hide lots of vegies in mine- grated carrot, zucchini and chopped up celery. At the moment I am running out of freezer space especially when I buy meat for the month in bulk. That's a good problem to have.

I am slowly getting through the weeding in the backyard and finishing my vegie garden for spring. I am trying to do a little bit at a time because of my back. So at the moment it feels like there's so much to do and very little progress. Its frustrating! Hit's told me though that he actually likes the look of the tall lush green grass and weeds out of control reminds him of growing up in India. Hmm- I am trying to look at the backyard from that perspective more.

This is my first week of having Kalyani at daycare for only one day instead of two. Its good that it starts from a long weekend so hopefully the week will go pretty quick. I have been finding that having her in daycare two days a week while a break for me was restricting in what I could do with my days. And who would think, I was getting bored with so much free time! Must be crazy! Plus I am hoping that we can settle into more of a routine at home. I know some Mums like going out every day and so plan activities outside the home for every day of the week. I actually like having at least 2-3 days a week at home. More than that and I struggle with the lack of adult conversation. Less than that at home and I think we all get too tired (babies definately sleep better at home) and the quality of the activity is not worth it compared to spending one on one time with Kalyani and Shaan. What do I do? There's always stuff to do that I find it hard having time for housework, craft projects etc. I am more consistent with having structured activities including rest time during the day which makes a huge difference in Kalyani's behaviour.

I'll leave you with this photo of our cat Hermes whose usual sleeping spot is Kalyani's couch (when she's not around of course!). However this day Kalyani had used the couch as part of her cubby so Hermes made the best of an awkard situation and decided to have a nap on top of it all. Makes me smile!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

No sick leave! And not much sleep either.

I am very thankful that I have gotten sick on the weekend because it means Hit is at home. Kalyani has been quite sick and waking a lot during the night but she's on the mend now. Though she still sounds really hoarse and now Hit's come down with it. Shaan is the healthiest of us all. He had a few nights where he was conjested but that was it. Here's praying that he doesn't pick up anything else off us.

So because I have been sick this weekend I haven't been able to work on my no-dig vegie garden. Have everything there ready to go- bales of straw (Love that we live close to a semi-rural part of Perth. There are quite a few stock feed places only 5 minutes away.), compost mix, seeds, grass clippings, blood and bone and several buckets of who knows what (hopefully there's stuff in there the garden will like) off the bottom of the chooks pen. I was going to chop up and add the broad bean plants in that are already growing. But they are saved from destruction at the last hour because they finally have some broad beans on them. So hopefully I'll be able to completing the vegie garden during the week and that the rain would clear.

Where is Spring? I am still hanging out washing undercover as there have been no fine days to get it all dry. :) That's how I judge the seasons, depending on what I do with my washing!

Dad got this beautiful girl all dressed up yesterday including specially styling her hair with his hair products. He's much better with details like that than I am. The reason was that we needed to get her passport photos re-done. I need to organise passports for Shaan and Kalyani for when we travel to India. Hard to believe there's less than 7 weeks to we go.

And this little guy is 10 weeks old tomorrow. Love how he sleeps with his arms sticking up. He is starting to get interested in dangling toys, can put his hands in his mouth, gets bored with lying in his seat and wants to be at our level a lot more. He is still not sleeping great at night. Kalyani naturally progressed from sleep 4, 5 to 6, 7, 8 hours at night. He is still waking every 4 hours or less. What's with that? Hopefully we will move him from his bassinette to the cot today and maybe that will help.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Masterchef Inspired

My freezer meal for this week is a version of Moroccan Vegetable Stew with Chicken from the Masterchef website. I'm cooking it again for the second time because I thought it was so yummy. The main changes I made was that I cooked free range chicken drumsticks straight in with all the vegetables instead of separately and I simmered it on the stove instead of cooking it in the oven. The green on top is spinach that Shaan and I just went and picked from our vegie garden.

Today I have been trying to have a quieter day and not pack so many things into it like I normally do. The main reason is that I have been having a lot of pain lately with my back. I think the amount of activity I do probably isn't helping. So I am planning to lie down with a heat pack and listen to Paul Morrison's sermon on podcast from Father's Day. It was really good and I am enjoying listening to it again.

Friday, September 11, 2009

$50 Plasma TV?

Hmm- getting a wide screen tv for that price? No chance! I have been putting a DVD on for Kalyani for about 1/2 hour most mornings as way of keeping her occupied while I finish my tea in peace, get dressed, tidy up etc. But I have exhausted our small supply of suitable DVDs for her to watch. Since we don't own a tv at all watching a tv show is not an option. Last week I used up our download limit showing her youtube clips of playschool. So that's not a long term solution. There's the local library but they don't have a lot to borrow and the toy library doesn't do DVDS. Consequently Hit and I had a discussion about what options she had for watching stuff. Hit's suggestion was to buy a $2000 tv. I suggested I could simply get a $1 weekly DVD from the video store and well over a year that would only cost us $52. So this last week I borrowed Maisy the mouse DVD. I think I will stick with that idea for the meanwhile and keep the savings.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Playing with bubbles while I hang washing last Friday. Making the most of a day without rain.

Finally planted the mandarin tree we got given when Shaan was born. That's how long its been sitting out in the backyard waiting to be planted. A bit of a dodgy activity considering my back has been really painful lately. I am off to see the physio again next week. Hopefully I'll see some improvement quickly because I am finding it frustrating. Kalyani helped with the digging but then got distracted with the fun of jumping in the big hole we had created. Even as I was trying to fill it in with soil.

We got to catch up with my brother and sister-in-law and their kids on Father's Day. They have just moved into their lovely brand new house and so we got to see that. Kalyani had a great time playing with her cousins and it was hard to get her to leave at the end of the time. But how much running around can one do? Plenty if you asked her.

Shaan having cuddles with Uncle Graham. What a face!

Hit got given a lovely feathered tie and card for Father's Day from Kalyani that she had made at family daycare. She had a hard time waiting until Sunday to show him. Yes- he did wear it to work on Monday though not sure how long it stayed on.

I have got out the playset for Shaan now. He is just starting to work out what to do with his hands. Its fun watching him notice the clowns and how they move when his hands hit them.

Utilised a moment of sunshine yesterday and weeded my "no-dig" garden. Mainly it was grass growing through from the lawn that was underneath. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was easy to pull out and the soil was rich, crumbly and very moist (all the rain we have had lately) with some earthworms in there. Amazing how the stuff we added like the shredded office paper from work and bales of hay had been completely broken down. Thanks Miriam for helping me get it started. Looking forward to planting a new crop of vegetables.

I am finally doing a vegetarian freezer meal this week. I cooked Dhansak which is probably my favourite dhal. Its a mixture of lentils and vegetables (I used toor dhal, urid dhal, split peas, moong beans and red beans and eggplant, capisicum and zucchini) cooked up with onion, garlic, ginger and spices. Delicious! Actually was reading that traditonally mutton is added to it. So might try that with some of it as well.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Homemade Crackers

Didn't realise crackers were so quick and easy to make and they taste great. Praise God for google! :) And it saved me a trip to the shops. Definately will make them again. I used white bakers flour and sea salt for the flavouring. But I would love to try a wholemeal version and also add garlic or rosemary etc.

Do you like the rolling pin and cutter I used to make the crackers? Nabbed it from Kalyani.

I have the lovely aroma of hyderbad spiced beef curry coming from the kitchen today. That's my freezer meal for this week. I used the pressure cooker so it was cooked in 14, no 12 minutes. Had to turn it off early because Shaan woke for a feed. :) S far I have been cooking a lot of meat dishes. Would welcome any suggestions for vegetarian mains that are great to freeze.

Kalyani playing with a play dough set she got given for her birthday.

Trying to get a good photo of these two gorgeous guys.