Thursday, August 20, 2009

What is success?

The following taken from "Simple Secrets from a Beautiful Home" by Emilie Barnes spoke to me today.  

"Even if chaos and clutter in your home and life are wearing you down, the solution is not a whirlwind effort to "get organised"...  We humans weren't made to "get organised".  We were made to live as God's children, worshipping Him and delighting in Him.  As we open our hearts and attitudes to God, putting Him first in our lives and looking to Him for guidance, He will show us little ways to organise the chaos and lead a more peaceful, ordered existence.  And it doesn't have to happen all at once."

Hurrah!!  I like that, that all of us regardless of how naturally organised we are will be drawn towards having order in our lives as we pursue God.  

Lately I feel like God's been speaking to me about what I view as being successful at home.  Yes it is right to pray and trust God for success in what I do (Psalm 118:26).  Yet I am learning that having an ordered and tidy house, efficiency in all that I do etc is not to be the end goal.  That's not what success is.  Above all else God is relational and He calls me to live relationally not focused and driven by tasks.

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