Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tools for the job

With all the challenges of parenting at the moment I have been doing a few things to try and make life at home a bit more simple. Hence I signed up with our local toy library this past week. Something I have been meaning to do for ages.

This was the first thing Kalyani chose to borrow- a vanity table that plays nursery rhymes. Not sure what that says about her. She's interested in flashy toys?

6 weeks old- this little boy is getting bigger.

I also bought this wrap from Hug-a-Bub. Have used it a couple of times already and it is really comfortable and great for being able to do stuff with Kalyani while still carrying Shaan.

Shaan was not impressed with having to pose for photos as you can see. He was tired by then and just wanted to have a feed and go to bed.

Got these gorgeous one size fits all MCNs in the post this week. I have been using Kalyani's cloth nappies but with all the wet weather we have been having they are not getting dry quick enough. Yep- that's when a dryer would come in handy. But also nice to have something new for Shaan as pretty much everything is being passed on from Kalyani.

The cute model.

This week's freezer meal- chicken curry. Yes there is chicken in there somewhere but also put in lots of potato and carrot. I am loving having meals in the freezer. I don't have to cook every day, I reckon I spend less on food because I am cooking in bulk and there's less dishes on the nights I am re-heating a dish. I don't know why I didn't do this before when I was working. It makes things a lot easier.

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