Tuesday, August 18, 2009

'Tis the season...

for birthdays and parties! A very happy birthday to Craigh for today. Happy 1st birthday to Holly and Happy Birthday to Josiah. Loved how our gorgeous friend Delia organised the party food for her son's 3rd birthday party. I thought it was fairly healthy and yet still appealing to kids. Lots of fruit, homemade muffins and chicken nuggets etc. The kids got water to drink. Yeh- someone else that thinks that we don't have to give them lots of sweet drinks. In their party bags she had homemade biscuits instead of pre-bought lollies. Love the idea! I'm told that the biscuits, muffins etc were really simple to make. They all used 4 ingredients or less. Well done Delia!

All the food colouring was in the cake :) which Josiah's Dad made. I tried to convince Hit that he could take on the cake making and decorating job for Kalyani's birthday. But he wasn't convinced.

Shaan having a cuddle with Dad before going home.

These photos below are to prove to myself that we did have some sunshine if only for a short time yesterday. What a welcome not to have the rain for a day! I actually got some washing dry.

Have been having some challenges in parenting this girl. So I have been trying out some ideas from a Terrific Toddler book about having a flexible routine for the days that we are home together. Me making more decisions during the day and giving Kalyani a lot less choices. So far it has reduced the amount of misbehaviour and times when I would losing my temper with her. But I am finding it more tiring to put into practice. Hopefully things will continue to improve because I so want to enjoy the time I have with her and not be wanting to be back at work so much. Plus I believe my role is to teach and train our kids and I do feel a sense of failure when I am constantly battling with her.

My silverbeet enjoying the sunshine as well. Still growing amongst all the grass popping up. The plan is to re-do the no dig garden in the coming month and plant some heirloom vegie seeds ordered from the Digger's Club.

My freezer meal I cooked today is sausage and bean stew. My version of it since I couldn't find a recipe I had all the ingredients for.

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