Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hmm- not what you expect...

I reckon that sums up my life at the moment. I had planned to do my list of home jobs this morning while Shaan was having a 2 hour morning sleep. Kalyani is in family daycare today. He slept for a hour and I am now typing this while feeding him. How I like being able to get EVERYTHING crossed of my to do list and having it done that day and having the house tidy and organised by the end of the day. Umm- most days are not like that at the moment. So my sense of whether I am being successful or failing is abit askew.

But saying that I managed to cook up a batch of chilli con carne to have for dinner and to freeze a few portions. I am trying to cook more meals in bulk and then hopefully have to cook less often. So far having a meal to heat up at the end of the day has been really helpful because from 4pm onwards everything gets crazy.

Prelude: Shaan is back to sleep- the washing is all hang out, the beds made and I have a friend coming over for a visit. Life is back to normal! :)

Well we ventured out for the first time this week to MOPS. Love being able to talk with other adults and it was actually really good because they focused on activities you can do with your kids. Something that is relevant to me because I have been finding Kalyani has been getting a bit bored at home and doing MANY things she shouldn't be. So yeh I really do need to have some structure during our day and some new activities to do with her. She has been our challenge at the moment with misbehaving and now this week coming into our bed at a way inappropriate hour and crying to sleep with us. First time ever she has done this. So needing grace to have patience with her and keep my communication positive especially when I am tired and frustrated with her behaviour. I wasn't too positive yesterday... I know there is lots of adjusting for her with a new baby but sure hoping this stage doesn't last long.

Hit made a yummy creamy mushroom and chicken pasta dish on the weekend. Here's Kalyani trying out his cooking and concluding it is very nice. Well done Dad!

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