Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing Shaan Paul

Our gorgeous baby boy was born on 13th July at 1 in the morning, 7 lbs 8.

Thanks to God for how the delivery went - at 4.30pm I went into hospital and was told I wasn't in labour yet. So we went home and at 8.30pm with my contractions getting stronger and more painful I was advised to stay at home longer and see if they subsided. Hmm... At 11pm my waters broke and I had to tell the midwife I was coming in because I didn't think I would be up to travelling much longer. When we got there I was examined and told I was 4cm dilated. Yeh- definately labour! Just over a hour later he was born. Hit got a scare because Shaan came out very blue with the cord around his neck and shoulders. So they had him on oxygen the first 5 minutes. Praise God we were at the hospital and not at home as it all happened very quickly in the end.

I am enjoying having him here. I feel a lot more comfortable than when I was pregnant. Overal he is sleeping and feeding well. Kalyani is adjusting well to being a sister. Now all I need to do is focus on getting enough rest...

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  1. Oh congrats Jane!!! Well done and welcome to little Shaan!!He is gorgeous!!! Hope you do find rest and lots of it :) HUGS