Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Circus Visit

Hit took Kalyani to the Joseph Ashton Circus this past week. The highlight for her was definately the pony rides. She even got to have a go 3 times.

The lack of sleep is catching up to Hit and I and I've had quite a few grumpy moments where I over react to things. But the last 2 days we have been blessed with practical help from visitors which has meant the difference between coping and not coping. For me that has been a reminder that God does care for me and I'm not on my own.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Introducing Shaan Paul

Our gorgeous baby boy was born on 13th July at 1 in the morning, 7 lbs 8.

Thanks to God for how the delivery went - at 4.30pm I went into hospital and was told I wasn't in labour yet. So we went home and at 8.30pm with my contractions getting stronger and more painful I was advised to stay at home longer and see if they subsided. Hmm... At 11pm my waters broke and I had to tell the midwife I was coming in because I didn't think I would be up to travelling much longer. When we got there I was examined and told I was 4cm dilated. Yeh- definately labour! Just over a hour later he was born. Hit got a scare because Shaan came out very blue with the cord around his neck and shoulders. So they had him on oxygen the first 5 minutes. Praise God we were at the hospital and not at home as it all happened very quickly in the end.

I am enjoying having him here. I feel a lot more comfortable than when I was pregnant. Overal he is sleeping and feeding well. Kalyani is adjusting well to being a sister. Now all I need to do is focus on getting enough rest...

Friday, July 10, 2009

God is faithful!

Ok I've got to show off my 70 cents spending spree. I found these plates in a local op shop and I thought they would a good replacement for ones that were broken recently without buying a complete new set.

I have been really struggling emotionally and physically this past week. Wednesday I seemed to hit bottom- poor Kalyani had to put up with a very grumpy Mum. So I decided to read some of my journal entries from 2006 when I was expecting Kalyani. I just didn't remember it being as dificult as what I had been finding it this time. The funny thing is- it was way more stressful than what I am going through now because of certain things happening at that time. How easy it is to forget! So instead of continuing to complain its helped me appreciate the blessings I have now and to express a lot more thankfulness.

So I am thankful for:
* How Hit has been really supportive of me and helpful with looking after Kalyani.
* Having more wisdom and maturity than I did 3 years ago. Though still got plenty of growing to do.
* Being more experienced in managing our household and living off one income.
* Being established in our own home (God's miracle provision for us) and having some great friends close by.

Then yesterday I got to catch up with two of my Aunties and be encouraged through talking about God's faithfulness. We were all sharing situations where we had trusted God and prayed and seen God provide what we weren't able to do in our strength. How amazing and faithful is our God!

So today I decided to put that faith thing into practice and trust God that he would provide what I needed to get through this day at home with Kalyani and the challenge of no car, feeling tired and it raining most of the day. We actually had a great day together! Thanks God!

These photos were from last weekend when visited a local dam and park. It was very empty- no wonder we are having complete sprinkle bans this winter.

A very happy birthday to this gorgeous man!