Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day of leisure!

This means that Kalyani is in daycare today, the baby hasn't arrived yet and I am trying to relax and enjoy the time to myself rather than catch up on chores. Yes this is actually a challenge for me! Though still have a pot of barley, sweetcorn and bean soup bubbling away on the stove top. I am getting into cooking at the moment (I came home from the library this morning with 5 cookbooks- mostly for the fun of reading through recipes and being inspired) and soups are one of the things I am cooking most weeks. Love it on a cold day with warm, crusty bread!

LOL Just remembered I was also planning to do some scrapbooking today and finish off the few pages I have left for my 2008 Family Album. Oh well see how we go! I also get Thursday at home too-yeh!

This past weekend Kalyani had a fairy birthday party to go to. Happy 3rd birthday Peata! Mum and Dad got to tag along too.

Lots of food to eat and a gorgeous fairy house birthday cake.

Showing off her party hat!

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