Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A day of leisure!

This means that Kalyani is in daycare today, the baby hasn't arrived yet and I am trying to relax and enjoy the time to myself rather than catch up on chores. Yes this is actually a challenge for me! Though still have a pot of barley, sweetcorn and bean soup bubbling away on the stove top. I am getting into cooking at the moment (I came home from the library this morning with 5 cookbooks- mostly for the fun of reading through recipes and being inspired) and soups are one of the things I am cooking most weeks. Love it on a cold day with warm, crusty bread!

LOL Just remembered I was also planning to do some scrapbooking today and finish off the few pages I have left for my 2008 Family Album. Oh well see how we go! I also get Thursday at home too-yeh!

This past weekend Kalyani had a fairy birthday party to go to. Happy 3rd birthday Peata! Mum and Dad got to tag along too.

Lots of food to eat and a gorgeous fairy house birthday cake.

Showing off her party hat!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Day at Home

My first day at home with Kalyani in family day care when I would normally be working. So what I have done today so far? After dropping Kalyani off I went shopping, of course. And now I am heading off to bed for a true dinkum afternoon nap. Not the 1/2 hour rest I've been getting lately because Kalyani doesn't often sleep during the day anymore. Yeh!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Winter Update

After my last post about the lack of rain, the very next day it rained all day. I was starting to worry a bit because I had planned to get a lot of washing dry on our day at home today. However I was informed that the rain was only expected to last for a day. Yep- there's another week of dry weather forecast and then rain again. So no problems with getting the washing dry! And it was one of those mornings when you can see the water evaporating like mist off everything as the sun shone on it, including the clothes. I always think that looks really cool!

My blessing for today- being told emphatically to sit down several times because Miss Kalyani was doing the breakfast dishes without any help. She did a good job too! I got to sit there and drink my cup of tea. What a treat!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Where's winter?

I was reading in our local paper today that they are thinking of introducing sprinkle bans this winter here in Perth because we are all using too much water and of course there has been hardly any rain. Yeh it really doesn't feel like winter yet. I mean I have been hanging out my washing each week in the beautiful sunshine... Saying that it did rain this morning on the way to work- for about 5 minutes.

Well here I am standing on the edge of another season in my life. Tomorrow is my last day of (paid) work for at least 12 months. Yep there's only 5 weeks to go until baby is due. Though some days I am not sure I'll last that long. I am glad I am finishing because I have been getting really tired. But it is a big change to be at home again full time and face the "I haven't spoken to an adult all day" thing! I have got a few ideas of things I want to do seeing I'll have more time... Oh yeh I forgot I'll have a new baby to care for as well as a very active almost 3 year old.

Here are a few photos from a trip to a local park this past Sunday. Its actually the first lot of photos we have taken this month. All of us had been sick for a while and just hadn't had the energy to do much. So it was great to get out again and Kalyani had a ball playing on everything.