Saturday, May 16, 2009


The before and after of the no-dig vegie garden. Hopefully we'll get some vegies out of it. Its been funny weather for autumn here- warm days and no rain. So not sure how the winter vegies will go!

Kalyani and the bag she takes to day care with all her stuff in it. She loves carrying her own bag!

* I have been thinking and reading and prioritising ways to cut down on our spending. Especially as we will be going down to one income in just over four weeks time. I found this site relevant
* Also I have been more regular with cooking meals to freeze on Mondays and want to make it a priority to rely on less takeaway as quick and easy meals. I like this site for inspiration
* I finally moved some boxes of baby clothes into what will be the baby's room and pulled the bassinet from out under Kalyani's bed. Nothing unpacked or put away yet!
* We finalised that my mother-in-law will be coming to stay with us for about a month around the time I am due. Hmm-trying not to get anxious about how that will go! I am determined to rest more this time around and do less. Hopefully having her here will be a big help!
* My wonderful husband cooked a yummy goat curry for us tonight for dinner.
* Kalyani's had another cold this past week which has now been passed onto me. I am struggling to have a positive attitude about it all. I am not one for being sick and RESTING!! Especially when there's always so much to do...