Thursday, April 30, 2009

Big Day Tomorrow

* Our new lounge room furniture arrives tomorrow which means the computer will get moved out of the spare bedroom. So I can finally start unpacking baby clothes. Looking forward to having new furniture!
* Only 6 weeks left to go of work- I finish working about 5 weeks before my due date. Though baby could come sooner if Kalyani was anything to go by.
* Finding this last stretching so tiring... there's not enough hours in the day to rest. And I do find it frustrating not having the energy levels I am use to.
* Also tomorrow I would like to re-plant some seeds in our no-dig veggie garden we laid out last weekend. (photos to come). Obviously the chooks didn't understand that it was no-dig and demolished a section of it digging around.
* And one week to kerbside so a great time to dump all the stuff we no longer need. Though apparently this one all doors have to be removed on white goods in case children become entrapped. How many kids go around climbing into old chest freezers and washing machines??
* Then we have a valuation of our house tomorrow. Wonder how much the value has decreased since we bought it?

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