Friday, February 13, 2009

A Day at Home

Its funny how things turn out. I had been trying to organise to "do" something today which means get out of the house and see friends. Going to the park doesn't count as an appropriate activity when there's no adult contact. But Kalyani and I have ended up staying home and I'm actually glad now.

So we have just pottered at home and I have had the energy to focus on getting her to practice using the toilet. The lolly method as an incentive didn't work because I have since found out that our daughter doesn't like lollies at all and will spit them out on tasting. But she is into chocolate- can't say I blame her there! She knows the good stuff! But I'm not willing to be giving her chocolate as a reward yet. So I have been trialling stickers on a chart and that seems to be working ok.

Its interesting how the toilet training thing hasn't worked out as expected. I read all the books that said its better to start earlier rather than later and so I did that. But Kalyani didn't get it- well she got the toilet thing the whole routinue just not the part about actually going in the toilet. I've found it a lot harder to perserve with than I expected. So am just taking one day at a time and giving myself lots of encouragement. LOL! How funny that this feels like the holy grail of parenting. Oh that and getting them to sleep through the night.

Anyway I LOVE cooking as a kids activity. 10 minutes to whip up a cake, they do half the work and then keeps them occupied for hours licking out the bowl.

I was trying to get some photos of Kalyani taking bear for a ride but she moves so quick.

Baby bump - I am definately bigger than I was at this time (18 weeks) with Kalyani. Though here's hoping that I won't put on as much weight as I did with her. I have been feeling the baby move quite often for the last week or so. Mostly the nausea stage has passed- yeh!! But I still have been very tired and not sleeping well. So am working on that... I think I was starting to stress about all the things that need to be done before the baby arrives and then after he/she arrives. Like the whole year is going to be stressful?? So I am concentrating on getting to bed earlier, deliberately unwinding- deep breathing is great. I've coped a bit better this week.

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